January 29th - January 30th
Join us for this year's exciting IronLine Sled Dog Race

Here we go again, winter is right around the corner and our 2016 race crew is already working hard to “stay classy and fun” for another great year. Here at the IronLine, we are excited to let you guys know that we are NOT changing a lot of major things in our actual race. We have gotten great feedback about our trail and course viewing, our banquet, our field of awesome and spirited mushers, our awards, and community support. All of these things we seek to fine tune and deliver again and one way we are working hard this year is kicking things up a notch in our corps. of directors and volunteers.  
     By honing in on each job, each position, we are making it easier and more exciting to join the IronLine, which insures more happy campers in our group and the ability for core volunteers to move around a bit in the organization. We feel this will add longevity and sustainability to this great race!  

     So, expect to see our usual race classes of 4,6,& 10-dogs, a well-marked and groomed trail, a decent purse, great staff and volunteers, and a seriously welcoming community embracing dogs and drivers alike! Thank you to all of you who have helped make this thing fun and continue to bring excitement to Iron River in January!